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Exercise for Mental Health

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

Exercising is so important for our mental health and emotional wellbeing! Click the image above to read more.

Eating for Mental Health

By Sadie Little

Food doesn’t only provide goodness for our physical health, it can provide so many benefits for our mental health. Click the image above to read more.




Volunteer Week

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

This Volunteer Week, TJ shares the importance of volunteering, experiences of volunteers, as well as her own experience of volunteering. Click the image above to read more.

My Run for Willow Project

By Wendi Hyland-Smith

To end Mental Health Awareness Month, Wendi did a marathon in support of Willow Project, and raised over £1000! Click the image above to read more.

Get Involved

By Sadie Little

Getting involved with Willow Project is easy and fun! Click the image to find out more.

Men’s Minds Matter

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

Men’s Minds Matter too… and TJ has curated a list of all of the male groups in the Wigan Borough that Men can access for their mental health. Click the image above to read more.

Mental Health Awareness

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

Mental Health Awareness Week this year is about Nature. TJ explores how you can combine nature and mental health for this year’s #MAAW. Click the image above to read more.

Social Skills

By Sadie Little

Its apparent that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we socialise, so we have created some guidance on how to reduce feelings of anxiousness in these situations. Click the image to read more.

Stress Awareness Month

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

This #StressAwarenessMonth, TJ has compiled a list of resources, tips and guidance around how to manage stress, and where to turn. Click the image above to read more.

Earth Day

By Sarah Campbell

Happy Earth Day! This is a piece on how you can get involved in celebrating Earth Day. Click the image above to read more.

National Walking Month

By Sadie Little

This National Walking Month, let’s look at why walking will benefit both our body and our mind. Click the image above to read more.

The Angry Child

By Jeannette Robson

It can often be difficult knowing how to respond and react to a child’s anger, but finding out why a child or young person may feel angry can help alleviate distress. Click the image to read more.

World Sleep Day

By Sadie Little

This World Sleep Day we are looking at why sleep is vital for our mental health. Click the image above to read more.

Autism Awareness March

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

A very personal perspective; providing insight, guidance and wisdom. To read more, please click the image above.

Self-Harm Awareness

By Sadie Little

Self-injury Awareness Day is a day to create an awareness and understanding around what self-harm/self-injury is, why people might do it, and how you can help. Click the image above to read more.

World Book Day Blog

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

This World Book Day, 04/03/21, we’re sharing resources around the combination of books and mental health. To read more, click the image above.

International Women’s Day

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

International Women’s Day is a day to both celebrate and raise awareness for women across the globe. Click the image above to read more.

Safe Internet Day Blog

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

It’s Safer Internet Day. It aims to create a safer & better internet where everyone is empowered to use tech responsibly, respectfully, critically & creatively. Click the image to read more.

Supporting Your Child

By The Willow Team

We want to support the parents/carers of young people that access counselling as much as possible. For tips and guidance on supporting your child through counselling, click the image above.

Valentine’s Day: Self-love

By Sadie Little

Let’s focus on ourselves this Valentine’s Day, and celebrate YOU! To read more, click the image above.

Children’s Mental Health Week

By Tracy-Joy Bailey

It’s Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, looking at Expressing Yourself. Read more about how you can look after yourself here.

My Mental Health Experience

By A Willow Project Support Group Member

A personal piece from one of Willow Project’s Support Group members, on their experience. Read about their personal journey by clicking the image above.

Breathing Tips and Techniques

By Sadie Little

Breathing techniques can help to reduce feelings tension, anxiousness, and anger. Let’s take a look at what techniques are out there to help, by clicking the image above.

A blog is something that so many people can get support from anonymously. So many people find it hard to accept they need help due to what others may think, but nobody needs to know that you’re reading a blog, but that blog can help and provide support to so many people at the same time”.

– Alisha Marsden, Mental Health Support Volunteer

“Blogs are a voice for people to share with others and get information and messages across that they feel passionate about, it will be a wonderful addition to the amazing resources Willow already have!”

-Young Person from the Support Group

“I love blogs because some shout out to me and others not so much. Being able to relate to what others think and feel is really important to me, it helps me feel like I belong

-Karen Little, Willow Project Manager

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